Film Spaces

Standing sets save time and money.  Film Spaces offer 25,000 Sq. Ft. of  unique areas for your production.  Two recording studios, warehouse, lab, offices, reception area, podcasting, education, green, white and black screens just to mention a few that you can rent by the hour.

Martinsound offers these unique and exciting spaces available for use in film and music video productions!

Abandoned Apartment

An abandoned 1970s vintage apartment just 9 miles east of Downtown LA. Grungy wall paper, stained carpets and yellowing walls are ready for you and your crew to take over and make your very own!

Retro Electronics Lab

A Retro Electronics Lab! Racks of electronics equipment, microscopes, spare parts, soldering irons, and computers make this ideal for your mad-science lab needs!

Abandoned Grungy Stockroom

An abandoned grungy stock room just 9 miles east of Downtown LA with fully functional power. Stained and yellowing walls and racks and racks of old electronics equipment are ready for you and your crew to take over and make your very own!

Massive Recording Studio & Sound-stage

A 2000 sq. ft. vintage recording Studio 9 miles east of downtown LA. Perfect for Music Videos, Interviews, and short/feature film production. Whisper Quiet A/C in the main sound stage keeps your production cool and comfortable.